Jonathan Vergara is an active mixer and producer of various genres of music.  Vergara has over nine years of experience mixing, producing, and mastering various artists in New York City.  

Jonathan mixed and mastered NYC Record of the Month: Bangladeafy - "Narcopaloma" (September 2016). He also mixed and mastered Kiss the Tiger debut album Kiss the Tiger (City Pages top five bands to win 2017's Are You Local? contest).

Vergara  began playing drums and guitar as a teenager and has played with various artists including  Debra Harry, The Love Howl, The Morrow, The Dukes of Denmark, Across the Aisle, and STR ITR.  

Vergara has mixed and worked on various films including Mr. Kiss (2018), Snowflake (2018), and Barren (2018).

His  compositions have been placed in over 15 episodes of American Pickers.

Vergara also mixes and produces the podcast To Be Continued...(A Fanboy Podcast).


"Jonathan Vergara combines raw musicianship along with technical engineering expertise all for his client's creative aspirations. From an audio engineering perspective, Jonathan proves his efficiency. On the other hand, as a producer he brings vision beyond expectations, honing in on austerity of style." -Ed Ng

"Truly has the ears for music, period! Jonathan is down to earth and very passionate in music. I spent some time in the studio and it's great. Great sound & quality is at Pancake Studio" -Jessica M.

NYC Record of the Month: Bangladeafy - "Narcopaloma"

Tamara Kachelmeier - Studio Manager, COMPOSER. ARRANGER, AUDIO/FILM Engineer & Producer.

Tamara Kachelmeier is an active composer, instructor, film sound/audio engineer, vocalist, and pianist. She is an imagineering musician, a dreamer of infrasonic schemes.  

Her compositions have been placed in 15 episodes of American Pickers. Tamara has reproduced/composed/recorded/mixed/mastered music for Iris (2017), Jistus Powetik (2017), and Hot Plate Gourmet (2017), Flora (2018), Valentine X (2018), Snowflake (2018), Emma (2018), Cuidad Sin Sueno (2018), You'll Remember (2018), Driving Home (2018), Silent Roar (2018 ) Redemption (2018), and Being Alice (2018).

She has also worked on ADR, foley, sound design and mixing on Snowflake (2018) and Barren (2018), Silent Roar (2018), Song For Our People (2018) Black Wave(2018), and The New Galileos (2018).

Tamara has mixed, recorded, produced, and mastered various artists including Collette McLafferty, Joel Phil, Ozan Aksoy, Mari Solberg, Santiago, Kiss the Tiger, Vibe Theater (Venus), John KixMiller, Fred Thomas, Coyote Love, and Woof! Woof! She recently licensed various compositions to Youtube, IFP, PlayNetwork, MediaNet, and Turkey In-App.

Tamara Kachelmeier started playing piano and singing when she was six years old.  She began her Vocal studies at Berklee College of Music and finished her Music Performance degree at Mcnally Smith College of Music.  She studied music Production and engineering at MCTC and Full Sail University.  Tamara is currently pursuing a MFA in Media Scoring at The Academy of Art University and Feirstien Graduate School of Cinema.

You can find her producing, mixing, and mastering The Protectors of the Wood Podcast, an eco-fiction young adult weekly podcast where she plays the character Phoebe Hood.


"Great Artist, Very pleased with final product" -BackstreetZAFU

"Great teacher! Very professional and friendly. She has lots of great tips to share and really helping me to improve my vocals. 100% recommended!!!! " -Julien L.

"She's just awesome, plain and simple" Gina M.

"Tamara is fabulous!" -Arianna Y.    

"Tamara does superlative work, is personable, does excellent work at reasonable cost, is creative, and has high integrity. I recommend Tamara's expertise and skills without reservations," -Biodun I.