Recording rates are available upon request.
Contact Pancake Recording Studios for hourly and day rates that are specific to your needs.
Promo codes can be used for all the services listed below. Artists and musicians that refer a client to Pancake Studios will receive 10% off recording rates.


Billling time starts at time booked, not at arrived time.  Please note that a 50% deposit is required to book a session and that a 48 hour cancellation notice is required. If a 48 hour notice is not given and client does not show up the deposit will be forfeited.
All payments will be made by cash, credit card or paypal to pancakestudios@gmail.com

Please note

Clients are responsible for any loss or damage to any studio property by client, employees of client or associates of client as a result of misuse, negligence, and/or carelessness. Clients also assumes all risks in regards to storing clients equipment or belongings of any kind, including sound recordings on premises, and shall hold Pancake Studios harmless from any and all damage that may be incurred to said articles for any reason whatsoever.

Please note that there is Storage fee for handling/storing sessions at Pancake Studios.


Pancake studios creates arrangements/compositions/orchestrations/beats developed specifically for your musical needs.