Pancake Studios is proud to work with some of New York City's top artists. Artists in the past include; Mothers Finest, Joseph Wooten, Blue Lick Victory Club, Native, Ryan Foss, The Love Howl, Spencer Lee Gallop, Bangladeafy, Jarrett Cato, Wayne Yardley, Sonia Choi, The Morrow, Lundi, Hank Wagner, Diallo Dieguito, Miki & The Satellites, Legs, Brita Wolfrum, Emmanuel Douyon, Always Hot-Jazzay Smooth, OB, Mari Solberg, Stereo Intercourse, The Protectors of The Wood Band, Joe Wooten, and Mother's Finest.

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The Love Howl is a quartet of brilliant musicians including lead singer/guitarist Amy Sheehan, Guitarist Alex Sherba, Bass player Jonah Durning-Hammond, and Drummer Jonathan Vergara.  They were recently featured in the Deli magazine for Best Alternative rock band in NYC 2014.  Their lively shows are rocking with a leading edge of amplitude.  EP - Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at Pancake Studios 2014


Spencer is a rock singer-songwriter who is reminiscent of Neil Young and George Harrison.  His vocals are dynamic, thick, and smokey (attractive in a slightly mysterious way).  His lyrics are innovative along with his ingenious guitar skills.

EP - Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at Pancake Studios 2014


Bangladeafy is a duo of radical and progressive beings.  Jon Ehlers is the speedy innovational bass player and Atif Haq is the awesome-clever drummer.  Together they create schizoid metal, AKA State-of-the-Art technically amazing tunes. EP - Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at Pancake Studios 2014                                                                                                          

MIKI & the Satellites

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This high-energy rock posse is full of boisterous fun.  Lead singer guitarist MJ McGoff is full of melodic brilliance.   Bring in guitarist Spencer lee Gallop, bass player Joe, drummer Jeff,  and you have a marvelous group filled             with ingenious artistry.


This space duo STR ITR consists of drummer/producer Jonathan Vergara and pianist/singer/producer Toma.  Together they will tickle your ears with insane imaginative beats, harmonies, and screaming lyrics that are reminiscent of Bjork and Patti Smith.  Don't forget to wear protection when listening to these creatures, they may give you a virus of aural fixation. EP - Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at Pancake Studios 2014